Pregnancy after 35 -
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Willow - June 12

I am a healthy 39 year old female who has decided to have another baby. We have tried without success since the beginning of the year. What is the "normal" length of time to conception for a woman my age? I am getting a concerned and the emotional drain is wearing on me more and more each time.


Jayne - June 12

Hi Willow,what a wonderful name,well Idont think there is a "normal"length of time for us(Im 46).I have been trying for nearly 10mths this time,we miscaried 11mths ago with no apparent reason,in the end they put it down to age(made me feel great).We both take vitamins me a multi with extra folic, my man with extra zinc to make his little swimmers stronger.Do you track your ovulation times or any of that stuff,have you been to a fertility doc have you had babys before.let me know maybe we can support each other.Happy baby dancing in the meantime.



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