PLease tell me what you did to get pregnant.
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Anna - November 26

We were trying for 22 months and did not conceive and finally it happend and then at 5 weeks I lost it. I would like to get pg. PLease tell me your success story...


K - November 27

I gave up after 6 months and went to a fertility specialist. Did one round clomid and IUI and it happened. You def. need to see a dr. That is a long enough time to try on your own. Can you see a dr?


guest - December 2

I used the clearblue easy monitor x2 months, took mucinex and aspirin around ovulation and I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant!


Anna - December 4

I went to my GYN and she said that all of the tests are normal and she put me on clomid 100mg for days 4-8. She said that I do have a short luteal phase. I hope this works. today is my first day.


Trixie - January 20

Hi Guest: What is Mucinex and what does it do? Why did you take it along with Asprin around the time of ovulation? Did you dr tell you to do that? Please explain. Thanks!!



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