please help me know how many weeks i am?
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raqui17 - February 23

the first day of my last period was dec 22, then from january 18 to the 22 i had to have my period again but never came, was i pregnant already? i had an ultrasound done yesterday and they told me that by the way it look i cannot be 8 or 9 weeks that the ultrasound look like 5 or 6 weeks, that even though my the fisrt day of my last period was on dec 22 i could be ovulating a little later, is this true?how later could it be? in january a never got my period, that meant that i was already pregnant right?maybe a week or days but i had to be already pregnant for me not to get my period right? please help me


JessicaG. - February 23

Maybe your cycle is different then you think, you did not have any bleeding at all? Not even a little? You should just be greatful that you are preg and everything is going well 5 weeks or 9 weeks.


raqui17 - February 23

i am gratefull, and no, i didn't have any bledding at all, but i just want to know how many weeks i am exactly


Pinky - March 2

First of all u have to write every thing clearly. When I was reading your question first time I lost the track and gave up. I m reading it again today but still not clear. When did u do altra sound? what was your last two month period date? and when did u figure out u were pregg? So confusing....Whatever it is... But u definately got how many weeks of pregnnancy you have from your ultra sound. They measures the size of the fetus and calculates how many weeks you are. That's accurate. Because we never no when exactely we ovulate and than after when conception occur? Just forget about all this and enjoy your pregnancy feeling. Even if u will know when all this happen u want get your baby exactely at 40 weeks. 10-15 days or month is always here and there with healthy baby delevary....congrates and have a healthy - happy pregnancy...



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