pills to induce menses
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mom - September 8

hi....i had a stillbirth in may....its september now...have not got my first period yet,,,went to a doctor....she did all tests...n ultrasounds....everything is fine....she says there is slight swelling in uterus that is present before onset of menses....gave me pills to trigger menses....i am doubtful...has anyone else ever tried those pills....r they harmful....plz help


Robyn - September 12

I had a m/c in Nov and didn't get my period for 4 months, i finally went to the doc and he said there were no problems but he gave me those hormone pills to get me going again. I took them and got my period 10 days later. And since then I have been getting it every month.


KellyN - September 13

Are you all talking about the progesterone supplements. If so, no worrys about taking it. My doc prescribes it to me every month to take starting the day after o to ensure my uterus builds up nice and thick for possible implantation. Sure hope it works sometime soon!



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