penis size and getting prenant
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SeresaS - March 14

Does penis size effect your chances of getting pregnant?


no - March 16

a penis reaches the cervix and sperm can swim so your ok


Theresa - March 17

It's not the size but the contents that count


Sara - March 19

No, definitely not


SR - March 21

Can you still get pregnant if after intercourse the sperm leaks out of the vagina? Like, if you pee directly after sex?


cc25 - March 22

I would also like to know the answer to that not so much that if you pee but if you are still laying there and it still comes out?


Norskgem - March 23

Yeah, you can still get pregnant although the chances may be somewhat diminished. Basically, when a guy ejaculates, the force of his orgasm propells the sperm into your cervix and from there the sperm start swimming. By the time you make it to the bathroom, or just stand up, a number of the little guys will already be swimming towards you uterus and fallopian tubes. Any that do "leak out" problem weren't the strongest swimmers anyways and wouldn't have fertilized your egg in the first place. When it comes to sperm, it's all about survival of the fittest.


k.c - May 7

i was in nursing school and my teacher always told us girls that going to the bathroom doesnt really help stop conception but it does help to not get infections.


to k.c. - May 18

Not going to the restroom help you get pregnant, so you would think going would prevent it. i don't know what kind of teacher you have, but going to the restroom will only stop bladder infections.


gg - May 18

Big penis makes the sperm get up in your body, but pregnant is pregnant, because sperm is going to shoot anyway. It would be more logical to look at the balls size.


to SR - May 18

Don't pee after sex if you want to get pregnant. Then more sperm in your cervix the better the chance of pregnancy.


A - June 12

All I know is that I was with a guy a while ago who was extraordinarily small and after we broke up, he got another girl pregnant, so take that for whatever, but really, from what I've read/heard, it's not the penis, but the ability of the sperm to travel to where the egg is. From what I understand, a larger penis reaches further, so the sperm don't have to travel quite as far, which would help if the guy's sperm are slower or less have less mobility, but a guy who is less endowed with strong sperm probably have more of a chance of conceiving than a large guy with weaker sperm.



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