Ovulating or not?
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Amy - September 12

Hopefully someone can help... I went of birth control 3 months ago, and just started TTC the beginning of Aug. My period has been irregular, first month it was 24 days, then 29 days then 22 days so I haven't a clue when I'd be ovulating. My hubby and I started bedding last Monday and have been doing it everyother day or more, I started noticing really strechy cm on Friday and I've had it every day since, how do I know when or if I ovulated or if the discharge was just mixed with semen? I really don't have a clue when my next period will be due since I've been irregular. Plus I tried using the OPK but no positives so I stopped (only used for a few days) but I just didn't think I was doing them right, maybe I should have kept trying? Help please..


birdyy - September 12

Its hard to say b/c your periods are irregular and b/c everybody is different - some will tell you that you usually ovulate approx. 14 days after your 1st day of period - but that is an average.
you should start charting your temperatures - I started last month and found out that I wasn't ovulating until 20 days after my period - so we had been trying too early every month.
Go to fertilityfriend.com and do some research on charting your temps - it really makes a difference!
Good luck!


amy - September 12

thank birdyy, I'm thinking I'll look into that if we aren't pregnant this time around, or I might try the OPK one more month then start to chart. I've just done some reading in a book I bought that said charting isn't that reliable because it tells you after you ovulate. I think this month my cm is/was a good since I'm ovulating. I have a really good feeling about this month, but its not up to me is it :) Thanks
Good luck to you too... Baby dust..



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