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iampg - February 17

Hay Col, I was 3 days in front of you at the start of this cycle. I'm cd 29 today - so you got your bfp on CD 23? That's very early. It must be be twins! Can i ask what day you O'd and how did you know to test so early?


COL - February 18

Hi iampg, you are right cycle wise I tested too early , but it was 12 dpo for me, I know for sure I ovulated CD 10, it was the day I had my HSG as part of the ovulation monitoring. The nurse called me and said that I am ovulating that day. And it was confirmed by my rising temps, thanks for the prediction of twins, I would love twins. Why don’t you test and get over with it. This is what I did, instead of keeping stressed, just do it. I would love to have you as a pregnancy buddy: ). TTYL


iampg - February 18

hi Col. bfn. 17dpo. i don't think i'm pg - i might have a cyst that's pumping out hormones causing the symptoms. the fertility of an average 48 yr old is close to zero. i'm trying to decide what career to follow when i am certain i'm over the hill! I'm taking the sub course to try to get a feel for what aspect of education i enjoy. laugh - i think i just want to win the lottery. what kind of work do you do? any nausea yet?


COL - February 18

Hello Iampg, I have to say that your post make me smile all the times. You have a great sense of humor. As for your question of what I do , I am in the Information Technology field, IT Manager, but I am trying to get out of this field, and go for Human Resources Management. I am trying to find the right school for that. Although I would like the job of winning the lottery, that would be perfect job for me, the only problem with the lottery job, is that I do not buy the tickets : ) : ) . With regards to the nausea, yes I have a slight one, but I am so tired and I can do nothing, is not too early for this? They booked my 7 weeks ultra sound, its march 13th, I am praying things will be fine. What about you? What kind of work do you do now? ttyl


iampg - February 19

Hi Col, i got up really early and my bbt had dipped below coverline - we're having a cold snap so part of me hoped it was an error reading from disturbed sleep. but i think i know what to expect. i've had a few "career" changes. last one was web design. using computers has ruined my eyesight so i want a job that doesn't rely on screens. i think there's a real need for early ed teachers but the pay is appalling. the most important years of a child's life are often spent in the company of low paid caregivers. and they wonder why kids are having learning problems. i still think a professional lottery winner suits me best!
Your pg will be just fine - i feel it.


COL - February 20

Hi iampg, how is going there? Any news? I agree with your argument about the kids and the caregivers, it’s a loop. Good luck with this new path, I am sure its exciting. For me, I feel I am walking on egg shells, I am so stressed, and the doctors here are not making it any easier. My first prenatal is at 8 weeks, and when I said, you know that I had a previous miscarriage, he did not budge. These crocks they get paid from our tax money. Well, I don’t think I have a choice. It’s funny when you are older woman, and pregnant, people look at you as if you are an alien. I really hope this baby stick and I can be happy about it, and tell my family, they will be really happy about it. I was tempted today t tell them, but I did not, just incase something happens, I don’t want break there heart. Anyway, enough of me , please update me on yourself. ttyl



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