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iampg - November 16

i'm 10 dpo ist clomid/ovidrel IUI round. trigger shot produced lots of symptoms that lasted @ 8 days. waiting to test fmu.


iampg - November 17

hope this isn't premature, i took an fmu after only 4 hrs sleep with a $ tree hpt. there's so much pink still saturating the window, but it looks like a thickish pinkish line. i'll post again later.


iampg - November 18

been here before,,,bbt 98.7. got up to a what i think is beginning of AF. It started a little then stopped very abruplty like something ruptured something. i's like to think it's the blast burrowing deeper - but it's probably AF. check back later.


iampg - November 19

13 dpIUI, cd 29. same again today. no Af but some spotting and pink/brownish mucus when i got up. bbt 98.6. i'm reluctant to waste a hpt if i'm about to get AF.


iampg - November 20

cd 30, 14dIUI, bbt 98.4, answer bfn, no spotting. no AF. called RE for appt.


iampg - November 21

bbt 98.3. i think Af is here. waiting for progesterone results. on to IUI#2. september 2007 due dates anyone! don't give up!


iampg - November 22

progesterone 3.3, (means i ovulated for sure) beta <2. CD 2. waiting for RE call for next step. are we going to try self insemination this month or IUI #2?


iampg - November 28

just got the RE call. 126million sperm, 36% motility, level 3 and my endometrium was thick. we decided to follow the non IUI protocol, clomid 5 -9 and bd cd 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. good luck everyone!


iampg - December 4

cd 14. bbt 99.4. i guess i ovulated last night. also used instead cups after each bd cd 8, 10, 11, 12, 13. bd for a few more days just in case. will post outcome asap.


Mrs.H - December 9

Thank you for your earlier response to my post on PG over 35. Just happened to find these forum tonight. Good luck to you!


iampg - December 12

8dpo.i ordered 20 of those early strips ($16) i took fmu and left the bathroom expecting it to be bfn. After about 10 mins i returned to see a faint bfp. then i took my 7yr old to school and checked when i got back (about 30 mins) - it had faded. i'll have to wait another day!


iampg - December 12

i checked the same strip later in natural light - there is a thin line. It was 6hr fmu. i need to test asap so i can get my progesterone checked asap. now i'm into the obsessive phase! should it ake another one during the day today?! AGGHHH!


iampg - December 13

uho, spotting this morning cd 23. i'd like to think it's implantation (9dpo) but i doubt it.


iampg - December 14

10 dpo. no more spotting. bbt 99. fmu faint possible+ i don't know what to think.


iampg - December 15

can you believe this - i ran a hpt this morning and just left it in front of
computer while i did my usual rounds of the forums. i just looked at it -
there's a definite pink line!!!!!! can be seen with the naked eye and even
dh can see it and he's red/green color blind. can you even imagine my shock and excitement?? i'm actually shaking. this is 11dpo. 2 days after very brief spotting.


COL - December 15

Congratulations, I think you made it. I will be praying for you. go and get blood work done :)



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