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iampg - April 24

Anyone with fertile genes for TTC over 47?To share notes on what we've done to maintain fertility all these years? I'm 7 DPO TTC #3 naturally. I don't expect a lot of posts, since this is a rarer occurrence.


iampg - August 16

wow. i guess i'm really out there with the limb chopped off! update: CD 18. 5 DPO. my last child took ttc#6 born at age 42. I'm now 48. this month used preseed, extra B vitamins & daily areobics. I feel less stressed if nothing else.


isa - August 16

almost 41 and stil trying to concieve #1


iampg - August 16

how long have you been deliberately trying? my lifestyle at 41 when conception was quick - i did exercise almost everyday and i was vegetarian although i ate meat when i got pg. I felt a strong desire to have that child in spite of the stats for high risk - it turned out to be smooth and uneventful. I have a belief that you are chosen by the incoming discarnate - that's pseudoscience i know! I was in a highly receptive state back then, which i am now trying to recreate. chance favors a prepared mind!


mominib - August 17

hi, 41 and ttc #2, having a difficult time this time, any advice? Looking to talk/email others trying too :o)


iampg - August 19

let's keep this thread going. i'm trying the moon theory this month (not only bd at regular ovulation time, but also at the phase of moon of my own birth (balsamic moon) Have yiou got your supply of Preseed? add this link to your favorite links. thank you for checking in!


isa - August 24

iampg - i've been TTC for over 1 1/2 years. we have some male factor issues and I have a mosaicism of Turners syndrome that may have made me infertile (but we wont know if i have eggs or the quality of them) unless we do ivf.I've 7 failed iui's, never even got a fertilization. We've used preseed I love it but its too expensive to import and pay duty on all the time so i only use it when i really really need it. I will settle for one healthy child if it I manage to get pg. Probably end up doing ivf in the next couple month. I am at high risk for early menopause and have been told time is of the essence from my geneticist. Afraid of twins though.


iampg - August 25

today i got my blood drawn for FSH - 1st time i've done this. I think if you can keep a scientific perspective you can do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. Being a mom is a powerful drive to fulfill. If you can do whatever it takes at each stage, you can get there from here. I think the professionals love to expand the edges of what is possible.


iampg - August 28

FSH day 3 - 13.66. have an appt with Dr this pm to discuss.


iampg - August 28

Dr recommends AI/clomid path or just keep trying on our own for a few more months. hmm.


iampg - September 3

new symptom. i've been exercising as usual and got an unusual bloody mucus today - it coincides with my expected ovulation cd 13.


iampg - September 7

cd 16. no bd this cycle. no bbt rise. have RE appt on 11th. I might be willing to try IUI.


iampg - September 12

RE says IUI isn't recommended anymore for the over 40's (the outcomes are negative) IVF is the new protocol or just keep trying. We're gonna just keep trying.


COL - September 13

iampg. by the way , you are not alone here, i am reading your updates :) i am 42 and TTC # 1. no luck.


iampg - September 14

My RE was pretty insistent (we live in FL) that donor eggs are the only way to go past 40 as the egg quality is impaired anyway and the stats for success by IUI are not good. (yet i conceived at 41 with no effort) Sensitive subject here but adequate arousal before BD may stimulate ovulation. I think when we're TTC couples can act like the bd is an insemination anyway. I told my dh that i could get it up further with a turkey baster if he hands me the sample in a cup! LOL.


iampg - November 9

long time no post. i am 5 dpo on first IUI cycle. RE changed his mind, said we could try clomid, dhea, ovidrel & IUI


iampg - November 16

i'm 10 dpo ist clomid/ovidrel IUI round. trigger shot produced lots of symptoms that lasted @ 8 days. waiting to test fmu.



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