Orgasam and conception
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Kay - June 29

I had heard that if a woman orgasams it is easier to get pregnant. Does anybody know if that is true?


kc - June 30

I heard that too. I've been trying for over a year no luck. Hit the big O everytime. It's not helping for me.


KM - July 14

I have read that it helps, as the contractions of orgasm tilt the cervix back and forth, and if there is sperm swimming around the entrance, the tilting can help welcome them inside.....


Alyson - August 5

I was looking at the documentary on the discovery channel a few yrs ago on a couple in england who allowed scientists to do in with a scope and show the actual conception take place and when she had an orgasm her muscles contracted and while the sperm was swimming towards the cervix it was like a suction that every time her muscles pulsated it would grab some sperm and kinda give it a boost or push to the pearly gates. So that is always helpful, but my concern is for most women who don't hit the big "O" everytime can they still conceive?? hmmmm.....



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