OPK Accuracy
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sportybird - April 20

: Hello all, I am charting for this first time this month using temps, OPK, cervix and secondary signs on fertilityfriend. I am now on day 19 and have all the signs that O is taking place, to the point that the tracker on the site has marked yesterday and today as green fertile days. BUT I have yet to see a +ve (or even faint) OPK line. Has anyone had or heard of O taking place without either getting a +ve OPK or missing it, (though I am testing every day at same time in PM)? can anyone shed ANY light? Thanks xxx


avafaith - May 5

I used OPK for a long time and still was not conceiving. I had a friend tell me about the OVWatch and so I purchased it. I only used the OVWatch, no other methods of charting. It told me 4 fertile days and then 2 ovulating days. Since I know it's important to have the sperm there waiting for the released egg I had sex on fertile day 4 and ovulation day 1. I conceived my first month (we had been ttc for over 2 years). The OVWatch perdicted that I ovulated 4 days sooner than those OPK showed. I used it again and am now pregnant (worked on second month). It's really great because you just wear it at night, look at in the morning and see what's going on.



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