No temperature change? Positive Ovulation test on day 21?
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KM - July 14

I had a miscarriage in May and was finally pleased to get my period in June..."back on track" I thought, and ready to start trying again. Got pregnant without trying first time around.....I have always had around a 28 day cycle, on the pill mind you, and I thought I woudl get back to normal once my body bounced back from the miscarriage. I have been taking my temps and I am not sure if the cheap thermometer doesn't work, or what, but I have had temps going up and down all month, but no pattern....I took ovulation tests from day 10 of cycle thinking I would ovulate around day 14...nothing on the tests for days so I just kept taking them (ker-ching!!!!).....but I do drink a lot of water at work so perhaps that may have diluted the sample? Anyhoo, had a couple of days off work so no water and got a positve on day 21? I don't know what is going on but would love to hear from others in the same situation...I am concerned that I am not ovulating given these weird symptoms. I hope I am as I really want to be pregnant again and have a baby but can't see it happening without Ovulation!!!!! I'm now on day 24 so don't know whether to expect my period on day 28, day 35 or what!!! any suggestions?


Kellie - July 14

Hi KM, I was not ovulating either and I knew because my temps were up and down but never went high like they were supposed to. they were below 98 the whole month. but this had been a problem for me for a few months so they put me on medicine because i had too much of Prolactin, a hormone. The OPKs are good but in this book I read called "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weshler (sp?) it says that even those can be misleading at times. The book was amazing in teaching me about my body. What might have taken years for me to learn on my own, I had figured out in 3 months and was able to show my doctor and they were able to fix it. Anyways, good luck. I am sure your body will return back to normal soon.


D - July 15

O can change drastically from month to month. Anything from stress to illness to a change in exercise routines. I've had two losses and know from experience that it can take a couple of cycles to get back into the habit. You can get a positive OPK and still not O but your body may try again later and be successful. Your LP shouldn't change, so if you usually O around CD14 and have a 28 day cycle, then you should expect your period always 2 weeks after O. In this case, CD35 if you did indeed O. Oh, and sometimes your chart won't change and you really did O but it was a weak one. Kellie's given you a great source for infromation in TCOYF. It's a fabulous book with tons of great stuff to help. Given that this would be a "first" IF it is an anov cycle, I wouldn't worry about being anov all the time. You obviously got pregnant once without any trouble. But if it is worrying you, maybe a call to your doc will work it out for you?
I am so sorry for your loss but may you have a super sticky bean very soon.




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