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Lynn - April 29

My husband and I are in our 3rd year of marriage...we both want at least two children. The issue is this; I am so so ready to be pregnant; its all I can think about, my hormones are out of control. We live in Wyoming (my hubby is active Air Force) and we don't really like it husband says he doesn't want to have our babies here....WE COULD BE HERE FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS! I just don't think I can wait that long, I am so preoccupied with becoming a mother that I spend the time I should be doing other things planning for the baby I don't have. I feel that since I am the one actually doing the 'birthing' my opinion should be weighted, he simply avoids the subject. He knows how I feel and I don't want to wait on the military to move us- its so unpredictable....what if they send us somewhere even less desirable? Do you have any tips on convincing my husband that the region we live in won't affect the birth of our can I "help" him want to concieve?


Sal - May 11

I know where you are coming from, My hubby wouldnt even hug me with no pants on just in case i got pregnant! after 2 years of marrage and 2 years of asking if we can start a family and him saying we cant afford it then the house was to small then we cant survive on just his wage, i finally had enough, i am a level headed person but like you my body was needing a baby, We had a bit of a talk and i just broke down in tears and told him not everything will be perfect, we will make our house sutable and we will make ends meet. I just told him that my body is crying out for a baby and i told him how jelouse i feel when looking at pregnant women, after he saw how important it was to me and that if we dont start soon we will be to old (we are inour 30's), i dont think they understand how long it will take. my hubby said he thought it would happen in the maximum of 2 months!!!!!! we are trying so just make sure he knows that its how the 2 of you feel about each other not where your house is or money issues that count. Talk about it and quote facts to him make him understand how important it is to you, dont moan at him, they stop listening. I hope that helps you a bit good luck.



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