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Avery - July 7

What are the causes of miscarriages?


kc - July 8

For early mc it is usually A. a genetic problem. If the baby made it to full term it would not make it for very long so your body miscarries the baby. Or B. the baby is not attached properly and there is problem with the placenta detaching from the uterus causing the miscarrage. Neither one of these can be prevented. Late miscarrages cause for a number of reasons: Placenta detachment, cord wrapping around baby's neck, infection in uterus causing infection in baby, RH negative factor of the mother (if the mother has neg blood and the baby has pos blood. the mothers body may attack the baby's blood, A problem with the cervix opening too early. premature labor due to smoking, alcohol or other reasons. And these are just a few. I really hope you did not have to go through this. I mc in april due to a placenta attachment. I was 7 weeks. If you have had a mc i'm sorry for your loss. If you are pg. Please do not be scared chances are you will deliver a healthy baby.


Avery - July 13

THANK YOU KC...it make me feel A LOT better because I had an early miscarriage


Jess - August 9

I also had a m/c at five weeks in july. I only knew I was pregnant for 3 days before the m/c but it was still very hard for me. Are you ladies ttc again?


D. - August 12

Another reason for early miscarriage is low progesterone (as with a luteal phase defect). I've had two losses. One at 5w2d and one at 12w. I'm very sorry for your loss.


SILVIA KEOUGH - September 25




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