Metformin and False Positive PT
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gtfamily - May 6

I am on metformin only been on it for 2 weeks, took a pregnancy test last night, 2 of them positive,. Havent had a period since march. Could the metfomin make the test a false +?

Thank you.


senev3719 - August 5

Have been on metformin for years and I have never had a false +. Have you noticed any signs of pregnancy? You could be truly pregnant. Good Luck


stillmourning - December 1

No. Metformin does not contain any hormones, it is used to regulate insulin levels, not hormone levels. (only indirectly through insulin management, which would not produce HCG.) metformin can, however, make you more fertile. Go to your doc and get some input there. =) Good luck!



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