lifespan of sperm
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katiebug5n8 - January 22

I am supposed to ovulate on the 3rd or 4th of February and have a donor that is willing to ship overnight on the 2nd. My question is this....can I use 1 sample from this person on the 3rd and then use the other on the 4th? Will sperm live long enough for me to do that if it is kept cold?


kimberly - March 2

I am not sure about just keeping it cold so it will survive, but I can say as long as it is still wet and not dry there is living sperm. I would have him ship on the 1st though b/c it is better to have the sperm there waiting for the egg. It takes sperm 6 to 12 hours to reach the egg after it is in your tract.


LauraEssary - March 23

sperm live up to 3 hours when exposed to air. (the top of the cup)

Sperm exposed to heat die relatively quickly. Male sperm die first.

Sperm can survive inside of a women with optimal conditions (cm and stuff) for up to 5 days.

When cooled female sperm settle to the bottom because they are heavyer and swim slower.

Believe it or not they actually have sperm donor centers for cows and if a farmer wants a female calf he take a sample from the bottom of the vial, if he wants a male calf he takes a sample from the top. (thats how they found out that it sinks).

I believe that you can do the 2 sample thing perfectly well as long as he ships over night. Make sure they are kept cool though.


jjjenny - May 19

I was told that sperm lives only up to 72 hours, if it enters the uterus between this time then it has to survive the female uterus condition so it really depends on your condition - not so much as the sperm.... I agree with Kimberly, it takes 6 to 12 hours to reach an egg, so releasing the sperm early is a good thing because it could be waiting therewaiting for the ovulation before hand


tynadu - October 20

Katie did it work?



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