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Cant Wait for babies - July 20

Everytime my husband ejaculates inside me, it usually comes right back out after he's done. Does any of it really get inside if all it does is leak out? How can I get pregnant if this happens?


brat - July 20

believe me it gets in there because I was the same way and I ended up pregnant twice!! Good luck on getting pregnant.


Taneka - July 20

I have the same problem and what I was told by my doc was that you should lay flat with a pillow right under your pelvis for about a hour to make sure that the it doesn't ran out then make sure you get up and use the bathroom after that hour


Jojo - July 25

Is this normal? Does this happen with everyone or just a few women?


hayley - July 26

well it does happen to some woman and it is ok it only takes one sperm to concive so try not to worry


Liz - July 27

This happens to me too. I have tried the pillow and laying flat for a while. I am hoping that helps.


KK - August 27

Try doggy style. You wouldn't think it would work but it does.


Amy R - August 30

I experience the same thing, and my husband tells me not to go use the bathroom since that muscle just squeezes "his little boys" out as he likes to call them. But like hayley said, it only takes one sperm to conceive. Yet I wonder if using the bathroom right after sex can hinder this at all?? Anyone know?


Ginger - September 24

Listen to what KK is saying about doing it Doggy Style believe me it works, we tried for 6 years and gave up hope of ever Having any Kids and we did it doggy style and bam I was pregnant...



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