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Lisa - July 28

Ovulate twice in a months time frame but have no period inbetween?? I'm overdue for my period, going on day 48 of my cycle, usually ranges from 36-41 days I think. But I've been having EWCM for a day or 2 and I took my temp this morning, just out of curiousity and it was 97.94. I had been taking my temp every day for a month but stopped a couple weeks ago as I thought my AF was coming. My temp I got this morning seems to be on the higher side of anything I ever got when I was taking it every morning, other than a 98.0 and a 98.2(those were the highest I ever got). I took an ept HPT this morning and it said "Not Pregnant". Don't mean to sound dumb, but it's just weird and I'm confused!!


D. - July 28

There was a study done that showed that some women do ovulate twice a month. But it's very rare. I would think it's more likely that you didnt Ovulate when you thought. What does your doctor say about your cycles being so long?


Lisa - July 28

I have an appt. with my Dr. on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll have some answers from that.. Thanks for the reply!


Munchy - July 29

Hi. I have been taking my basal temperature for the last 4 month, and my cycle is approx 34 days. What i have found is at day 17 and the again at day 20 I get an increase in temperature. (day 18 and 19 it drops and the raises at day 20) This obviously indicates I'm ovulating twice, but am I? I have been searching for answers. Does thsi mean potential twins. i know I'm jumping the gun here becasue I just want to get pregnant with a baby. But I can't work out when I am actually ovulating if I'm getting two increases in temperature. Any one help??


D. - July 29


Actually it may simply be your pattern. Most of us will have periods where our temperatures are lower and then higher throughout our cycles. When you say it dips back down, are you meaning it dips down below your coverline? And it may simply be a bounce back rise, where it goes up, goes down, and then goes back up again. Again, very common. In the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Toni Wechsler covers many of the various patterns that we can expect to see. HTH!


Lisa - July 29

So, I may have just FINALLY ovulated this week??? My last period started June 11th. My body must be really messed up then! I guess I missed the boat this month again, because I never thought I'd ovulate sooo late. I've been waiting for my AF for 2 weeks now. My temp was at 98.14 this morning(up from 97.94 yesterday). I had EWCM for a couple days but that also appears to be done with. I guess I'm done ovulating then.... :(


Munchy - July 31

Thats D for your answer. I guess because I cant work out whether its day 17 or day 20, we'll just try from day 15. The dip in temperature on day 18 and day 19 is around the coverline. I have looked through Toni Welscher book which is how I started mapping my temperature, but it does not explain the two temperature raises.



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