irregular period or regular
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chyna - June 15

i had my normal period may 7- 11 then it came on the 21 -23 (discharged patch) which period should i go by?


joannaha - June 15

im having a hard time getting pregnant


Ashley - June 15

Chyna, I had the very same problem....are you on the pill?? This is what happened to me...on the 25May I started my went thru the 30th...My husband and I have sex while Im menstrating, I was on the pill, and I missed a dose on the 29th, and took 2 pills on the 30.... 31st-3Jun I didn't take my pills... and then the 4th I started spotting and then the 5th I was bleeding very heavily. The doctors said it was due to taking 2 pills at once....but I had done that previous month...and it didn't happened....I don't know If Im pregnant....or what not...Im just confused as you are...cuz now I don't know what cycle to go off of.....if you get any info let me know...thanks!!



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