Im verfy confused about Ovulation Tests
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Rerchelle - July 9

Hi everyone Im just hoping someone can help me. im doing my bbt chart and Ovulation strips Im always 28 days and it was day 14 yesterday, I have been doing the tests for 6 days and they have been all negative. I am positive I ovulated today because my temperature dropped dramatically today and I had the ewcm and pains in my right side but the tests say no. Is it possible that some people dont get the LH surge. I bd last night anyway just in case, it will be good to see tomorrow if my temperature rises then I will definately know. If anyone can help I will really appreciate it, thanks everyone


Bump - July 9

Bump Bump


to rerchelle - July 12

Sometimes people take the tests twice a day - morning and night to catch surge. What did bbt say?


Rerchelle - July 13

Hi, I finally got a positive on Monday and my temperature has been going up since then i bd on Monday so I hope that was right timing I couldnt do it last night or tonight as hubby is away with work.


bump - July 13




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