I want a baby!!!!!
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nph12pr - July 22

I'm not legally married but I've been living with my boyfriend for almost a year now. I want a baby cause I had a miscarriage last April 7. I want to get oregnant but without him knowing. We use condoms and there is no way he would have sex without one. He scared that if I get pregnant now againg I may lose it again. I tried talking to him and make him undestand that know everything is fine but he doesn't undestand. I want to make it a surprise. I know him and even though he's scared to have it, if I do get pregnant by surprise he's going to be so happy. We use condoms but if I try to make a little hole in the condom with someting he will see it. I want advice or if there's a way to make a hole in the condom that he won't notice. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!


slowpoke01 - July 22

this is crazy you shouldnt force a baby on a man and thats what you are trying to do. give him time and he will probably come around and if you do get pregnant by doing this and he finds out he will never trust you again. think about what you are doing.


Sann - July 23

Hi Nph12pr : ) I totally understand why you want a baby at point, I had a miscarriage too (Aug05)... it's tough. I feel the "emptiness" too : ( However ... I agree with Slowpoke too. My opinion ... to get your boyfriend's understanding, perhaps both of you have a discussion with your ob/gynae. Let the professional explain to him. Then give him some time to "digest". And make know to him your feelings of wanting a baby especially after a miscarriage. It's going take some time but he'll come around when his ready. Maybe he'll surprise you : ) Just give it some thoughts first. Meantime ... just enjoy couple time : ) Hope that helps. Let me know and good luck : )


emaan - November 19

you know that you could actually mess up your relationship with him..specially if you are not married what will you do with a baby if he is not there tomorrow....so talk to him first and goodluck...think about it


iampg - November 19

what age are you?! If I were your mother I'd take you to counselling asap. sorry but i can't support blackmail.



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