I am on my second cycle of Clomid...and
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Melli - October 23

I am on my second cycle of clomid, and they upped the dosage to 100 mg. My doc says not to worry until after a couple of months trying. My husband is very excited b/c the last time that I took the clomid, I couldn't stop cleaning our apt. (lol). Anyway, my question is...is there a better time of day, a special food, or position, even that will help and increase our chances of conception. We are praying so very hard and believing in faith.


cbella - March 26

Hi Melli! I am on my 2nd round of clomid too! We've been ttc for a year, since an ectopic pg last March. Do you chart your temps or anything? That helps b/c by keeping track of temps, cp, and cm you can really tell a lot. I've heard that man-on-top or rear-entry are best b/c then gravity can help out. Also, it may look strange, but prop your butt up with some pillows for 20-30 mins afterward (to give the little guys time to swim to their destination!) I've been drinking a lot of green tea as that is supposed to help. But I think the most powerful thing of all is prayer...best of luck to you and *Baby dust* :)


Miulca - April 1

Hello Melli I also wason clomid. I was on it for a while and the month I decieded to take a break from it , I got pregnant. My son is almost six months. A positon my husband and i tried is pretty un comfty but it worked for me..... prop ur butt on some pillows. You will be like on a slide ur butt as high as u can get it. Ur partner will face the other way and do ur thing. After keep there for a while proped up on the pillows. good luck.


wannaboy - October 30

cbella i was very impressed by your comment about the most powerful thing is prayer that is so true. I started taking clomid. im on my 3rd round and its 150mg. i was on 50mg then 100mg with major side effects well you know the hot flashes and the headaches. whats so strange is that im on this 150mg and i had nooooo side effects maybe a little moody but nothing major. that worries me but i have to stay strong and in prayer. i hope and pray the best for you. baby dust :)


kelseyann - April 20

Hi there! I will be starting clomid very soon and am so excited...how did u find taking it? any side effects? My hubby is worried about these so-called mood swings! lol...I'm not sure about time of day or food...but as for postions, have him on top...and try putting your legs on the wall for about 5-10 min afterwards...ive heard many ppl say this helps! Good luck! =D


alonsoguisantes - June 20

im on my second round of clomid, in the first one i experiance allllll the side effects, i have gained some pounds, sufered some headakes and my humor ufff in never cry but last month was very bad for me, and then when i got my period wao in cryed for 1 hour, but here i am trying again, i really hope it works for me and your as well and this month i dont suffer like last one, my doctor said the first one is the worst but in the second are better chances to conceive, the but pillow for 10-15mts works she said to me...


alonsoguisantes - June 20

hi, im on my second too but this moorning i realized that i forgot to take one pill, i took the one, missed the second and took the third this moorning, what should i do?


wildswan - July 14

hi all, i thought was jus me, but i also put on a pound or two after 1st round of clomid 50mg. only had the hot flashes on and off but no other s/e. did not ovulate and am on cycle 2 now. feeling bloated but everything else is normal



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