I am new and confused!
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Katie - June 26

Hi! My husband and I hve decided to try to concieve beginning after I have a fibroid removed. I have heard conflicting answers as to when to start counting the days of my cycle. Is it when my period starts or after it ends? Thanks for the help!


kc - June 26

You start counting 14 days backwards from when your next cycle is to start. Example if your cycle was 30 days it would be 30 - 14 or day 16 from the start of your cycle. If your cycle was 29 days it would by 29-14 or day 15 from the beginning. You count day 1 as first day of full bleeding not spotting. You ovulate 2 weeks before your period is to start. I hope this helps. Baby dust to you.


merlee - June 26

Hi Katie, You may want to chart your morning temp. it helps you know when you ovulate if your cycle is not reg. FertilityFriend.com has an ovulation calculator and charting info that is really easy to use and it explains everything. Good luck and Baby Dust


Lena - June 27

Your cycle starts on the first day of bleeding, not spotting. Your cycle then contiues until the next day of bleeding. For example, if you start bleeding on June 1st and then have spotting on June 27th with full bleeding on June 28th, then your cycle is 27 days long. Because your cycle went from from June 1st - June 27th and a new cycle started on June 28th.

Ovulation typically occurs 14 days prior to the start of your cycle, (Not 14 days after the start of your cycle.) bt can vary by a few days either direction. In the example above, 14 days prior to June 28 would be June 14th and you could ovulate any time between June 12th and June 16th, and still be considered normal.


Katie - June 28

Thanks so much everyone for your answers! Iti s clear now.



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