How long should lay before can go toilet?
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Sally - June 25

I am 30 yrs old, just married last yr end and now trying to get pregnant. But not sure the correct way to conceive. It is necessary to lay down on bed for 20 mins or more after intercourse? How long should I wait before can go toilet or shower?


kc - June 25

You should lay still with a pillow under your but and knees lifted for 20 minutes to a half hour. Then you may shower or use the toilet.


sally - June 26

thanks a lot, kc for the advise.I juz hav sex with my husband yesterday(day 12), but juz laid still only abt 10mins, then went to cook dinner and go shower abt 2hrs later.Think hav to try again today or tomorrow with ur kind advise. Wish me luck :P


kc - June 26

No problem. Lots of baby dust. I hope you receive a visit from the stork say around april. The important thing is you have fun and don't make baby making a chore. Good luck


D. - July 17

Just wanted to bump this with another suggestion: Since not urinating after sex leaves so many of us with UTI's, I thought you might be interested in this. There is a cup that is sold in the feminine hygiene section called Instead. It's supposed to be for AF. But I use it for after sex. As soon as we are done, I slip the cup in and it keeps the little guys where I want them. I can then go about my business without worrying about not having maximized my chances. Just a thought.


Taneka - July 20

D I thought that I was the only person that did that with the Instead but I was told by my doc to wait a hour lay flat and then go to the bathroom


Spaz - July 25

Is this normal? Does "leakage" happen with allw women?


lesa - August 26

I did not know this. We have been ttc for about 6 mo and I always immediatly urinate after intercourse to prevent UTI, does this mean I cant get pregnant?


Amy R - August 30

Leakage does happen with alot of women, and I am one of them....but starting this evening...I'm gonna keep my butt still so to speak ...I've tried it a long time ago but different circumstances now.


To Lesa - August 31

No, that doesn't mean you can't get pg. It's just that to maximize your chances, you want to stay still. But like you, I'm prone for UTIs. That's why I use the Instead cups. I can go to the bathroom without losing the little guys.



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