how long does it take?
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jessica - July 19

i just found out that i have to start trying to get pregnant because of some health problems. and i was just wondering how long does it usually take to conceive and are there tips i should know?


D. - July 19


That's a really tough question. if you are of optimal health and optimal fertility age (under 28) you have a 20-25% chance any given cycle to conceive. But you also need to know when you ovulate. The older you get, your chances slip a little (not drastically). Until 35, then they dip quite a bit and keep dipping quite a bit from there on. Doesn't mean you can't conceive but it will more than likely take some of us a little bit longer.

I would suggest you start by using OPKs and charting. Start taking the OPKs on the 11th day of your cycle if your cycle is around 28 days. The instructions will tell you how to use them. I would start having intercourse around the 10th day of your cycle. Once you get that positive OPK, you should expect to ovulate anytime within the next 12-48 hours. You should also be able to tell you are fertile because your cervical mucus will go from sticky to creamy to watery to eggwhite in consistency (not all of us get eggwhite but watery can be fertile too). The reason for charting is to make sure you did, indeed, ovulate. Charting can't help you determine ovulation beforehand, but it is possible to have all the signs of ovulation and still not ovulate so it serves as a back up. This should be enough to get you started and good luck!




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