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want to be a mommy - June 14

I have been TTC for a couple of months now and just started using the OPK. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any input on how long it took them to conceive and wether or not you used an OPK to help you determine your most fertile days. How did this work out for you? Thank you in advance for any information : )


s - June 14

I have been trying to conceive for a couple of months also. With no luck so far. What is OPK?


s - June 14

I know what it is...nevermind...I ask one of my co-workers. I am new to all this terminology...ttc baby #1. Is this your first too? I've never tried OPK, but I would like to know also how this worked out for someone else.


Ann - July 6

Hi- I ttc without an opk for about four months with no success. Then with an opk it took three months to get pg. It really helped. It gives me about 3 days of high fertility and two possible ovulation days. This cut out the guess work and my hd and I could be more productive. Hope this helped!


Munchy - July 29

Soory i have just joined the forum, excuse my ignorance but what is OPK?


Sara - July 29

OPK-ovulation predictor kit


RRB - August 22

I used OPK for my 2nd and it worked the first time. Trying for my 3rd now, 3 month with OPK, no luck (miscarried 3 month ago), but i did found out that I'm ovulating on 21st day of 28 day cycle (not a great thing, I think it's not enough time for implantation).
Good Luck!


TC - August 23

RRB- If you do not have at least 10 days after you ovulate before your cylce starts, then you have a short luteal phase and that is not good. You need to have your progesterone checked. I am on supplements now for the same thing.


RRB - August 24

Spoke to my midwife yesterday about luteal phase defect, she's not concerned (yet). With my first I had 21 day cycle and ovulated on Day 14 (got pregnant after 2 month of trying)
She said it's possible for some people to have a very short luteal phase naturally).
Good luck to everyone!


TC - August 24

RRB- Not to alarm you or anything. But still have it checked. If your prog. is low, that could cause a m/c. Good luck!!!



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