Help explain when I am the most fertile
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wanting #2 - April 24

Hi everyone,
I need some help understanding when the best time to get prego is. I have a 2 year old and when I had her I got pregnant the first month so I didn't have to worry about ovulating and all that. Now me and my husband are wanting baby #2 and I am a little worried that it might take me longer than 1 month. We have been trying for a couple months now.
So will you tell me if I am thinking the correct way?
I have started my period today (the 24th) and it will always last 5 days (i am like clock work) and than when I start to have the mucas come out that is when I am ovulating? Which means day 10-18 of my period?


nicole - April 24

yes that is correct, are u having a regular 28 days cycle? Coz usually you are ovulating 14 days before your next period comes....but if not like me it's hard to tell when the exact date of ovulation. I'm charting my temperature every morning and try to observe my CM...usually according to my research between 10-20 cycle day make love every other day just to make sure you don't miss you fertile day. Coz ovulation is only 1 day. God bless to both of us. Hope that we can have a baby very soon. I'm trying for my first baby and m also having a hard time to conceive. Good that you already have a 2 year old.


Amy - June 3

You are supposed to count appx 14 days from when your period first starts. It is good to have sex everyother day when you think you might be ovulating. And to be quite honest it may take a little longer then a couple of months...just relax stress can be a big fact of not conceiving, enjoy the sex and it will come!!



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