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r - August 20

27 days late for my period out of a 23 day cycle missed the 16th of august 15th i just spotted some brown stuff instead i have sore boobs tiredness,heavy boobs some darker patches on them aswell.i have increased creamy lotion cm, high cervix,moodiness, little spotting after sex,lmp 1st july,(a long time ago hahaha) when i missed my first period i was cramping with no blood now im not cramping at all but the other signs are comming in i would be 7.6 weeks negative hpts,my boobs have 2 large veins on them and the dark patches are next to the veins, montgomery tubercules, i have had no sickness apart from last night i was watching a film that made me feel sick and the wine i was drinking made me feel sick, im 42 dpo, hpts say neg though what do you think. and a headache i get once day above my eyes. and no sign of ovulation at all in the past month and i have been ovulting regularly


leonia - August 26

i think you need to see a doctor,ask for a blood test and ultra of luck



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