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Harsh - May 6

Hi.I am 30 years old.I got married last year.Before marriage my mens are not regular.From feb to march i have heavy I went to gynacologist.Dr. put me on birth control pills to stop bleeding.Then to regulate next cycle again Dr. gave me BCP.Then during next cycle Dr. did sonography.She told me that i am not ovulating properly & there is very less chances of getting pegnant naturally..I want to conceive baby.We are planning for last 6 months.Do you think i should go for infertility test as clomide.Please suggest


keshin - June 20

birth control pills can help regulate your period. the moment you stop taking it can cause you to get pregnant. why not try it before deciding on other treatment.


shye - July 6

clomid is effective. if you want to consider using it, you have to let your doctor know about. it may be effective but it may not also be suitable for every one.


trixie - August 10

irregular period are usually caused by an underlying hormonal imbalance that is easily i don't think there's a need for clomid, you should be fine with BCP.



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