Having to go off of antideppresants before getting pregnant
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Drew - September 1

I am 40 years old and concerned about going off of my antidepressants in order to be able to have a normal pregnancy. My psychologist recommends slowly weaning off of them and not taking any at all. Also, I am terrified to get pregnant because of all the horror stories I hear of women at my age. Any suggestions?


Christy - September 4

Drew, I am an RN in a Psychiatric hospital. Please do not stop taking your antidepressants suddenly. Depending on what medications you are on there could be severe side effects such as seizures. My advice to you is to listen to your psychologist and slowly taper off your meds. Talk to him/her about meds in which you can still take while pregnant. You have to weigh the risk vs benefit. I have cared for many pregnant women on antidepressants and moms and babies were fine. You may be able to completely wean off the meds and be fine depending on why you are taking them. For ex. are you depressed for situational reasons or been diagnosed with bipolar? If you do not like the answers from your psychologist speak with the PSYCHIATRIST who is prescribing the meds. He/she will know which meds to take or not to take. I'm glad to hear you are taking these things into consideration before getting pregnant. You will make a great mom! Best wishes.



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