Has Anyone used Ovulex and successfully gotten pregnant?
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angelkitty - October 17

Has anyone used Ovulex and successfulyl gotten pregnant?


navyfiance - October 23

I just ordered it Friday and have read a lot on the internet about the success rates,etc. I am excited to try it, so I guess we are in the same boat.


angelkitty - October 25

I was thinking about trying it too. Let me know how it goes.


pg2381 - October 26

I've read a lot of success stories about ovulex, but I also found a forum yesterday from someone saying that they found out that the women leaving the success stories were women getting free bottles of ovulex and still trying to conceive. She also said that there is an ingredient in ovulex that is used for ending pregnancies so if you do get pregnant with ovulex you have to stop it immediately. I am debating on trying ovulex, but I found these other fertility pills called Baby Blend. I just got them in the mail two days ago. So now I am debating on which pills I should try. Ovulex or Baby Blend? Here is the website for Baby Blend if you are curious. http://med-direct.com/babystart/babyblend.html


cathysyhtac - December 19

Hi navyfiance, what happend after you tried ovulex? Are you still taking it?


corazon - July 26

tried it for several months - no success. have recently started taking fertilaid which is supposedly approved or recommended by doctors. maybe that'll work.


acedrama - August 16

Hello all, I am new to this site I have seen several topics on ovulex what is current so I can be updated


acedrama - August 16

I am 30 with PCOS and a nonfunctioning left tub. Trying to find the best solution because my doc has me on glucaphage and it sucks



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