GMC Fertility pills?
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Sarah_doodlez - March 12

I have a question about the fertility pills that are sold in places like GMC, Rite-Aid, WalGreens, and other places. I don't know what they are called, but the are not doctor prescribed, but are doctor recommended. Does anyone know anything about these pills? They are sold for both men and women. My husband and I read the labels, but didn't fully understand the effects. Anyone can help? It is greatly appreciated.


Miulca - April 2

Sarah, I had asked my doctor about them when I was trying to concieve, and he said they do not work, they are just marketing somehting that just does not have the capacity to do what they say. My grandmother told me I should take a pill by Lady Pinkham with blachgosh I think it was called. I was irregular with my periond so it was really hard to pin point my fertile days. SO I started to take them and did get pregnant, but do not know if it was the pill or just that I actuaaly pin pointed my fertile day. I suggest before u take anything consult it with ur doctor.



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