Finding Hard to Fall Pregnant
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louise - December 1

2 years ago i was diagnosed with PCO. from then i have been trying to fall pregnant i am on Clomid pills to help stimulate but still no such luck. i love children and really want to be come a mother. Can anyone give me some guidance?


bj - December 1

Hi Louise, I also have been diagosed with PCOS. I also have endometriosis. I had a laparoscopy done in October. Now I am on something to help with the endo. Only a couple of more months of pills, and we can start trying again. Been trying for 3 years now. I was on Clomid for a couple of months before all of that, and it didn't help me either. Are your periods regular? Hope to hear back from you. In the meantime, I'll be praying for you.


Louise - December 2

Hi Bj thankx for replying.
I havent had a regular period for around 2 years and find that the clomid helps to br5ing it on but has no use in helping me fall.


bj - December 2

My periods were never real regular either. Don't mean to get so personal here, but do you usually or have you had in the past really bad cramps? I did. They did a test to see if my tubes were blocked. One of them was, so I had a laparoscopy done to find out why. They found endometriosis was the reason for the blocked tube. (A sign of endo is irregular periods and painful periods) My doctor was able to get in and laser everything off. I'm not saying that is what's wrong with you, I'm just telling you my experience. My regular ob/gyb never said anything about that. I didn't find out about the endo until I went to doctor that specialized in that or infertility. That was about 3 years after trying. It was kind of frustrating that my regular doctor never said anything about it. You would think they would know things like that. Anyway, come to find out, endometriosis is considered a medical problem, so insurance covers it. Of course, depending on what kind of insurance you have will depend on what you have to pay. Has your doctor ever said anything about checking to see if your tubes were blocked?


Louise - December 3

I have really bad cramps all the time, my period is the worst (when i get it) i have had my tubes cheked the were fine but that was a while ago now and the cramps wenr as bad then so that could be another thing that i can look into. thankyou for all your help and i do hope that you have some luck in falling and i wish you all the best.i go back to my specilast on thursday so i will sujst a lap as i have never had one so it could be helpful.


bj - December 5

well, I hope all goes well. I know it gets hard sometimes emotionally. Just remember that it will happen!! Stay positive, and keep me posted.



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