feeling pregnant/ or is my period is coming?
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sarah - July 20

Hi ladies, I'm wondering if anybody can help before i go insane. I stopped taking the pill june 19, had period june 23, still waiting for 2nd, Had sex, 6th+11th july, when i thought i may be ovulating, now my boobs feel heavy, cramping period like pains and bloating tum, done 2 first respnse tests- negative, but not sure if due period now or 23rd, also feel wet down below, and im constantly peeing even after a sip of water, has anybody else felt like this, hopefully i will be pregers, but i feel like im being obssesive, this will be my 4th, so really ishould know, but they do say all pregnancies are different and i have never felt like this, also if by chance, im not pregers, does anybody have any tips on how to have a girl, just in case for next time, all answers much appreciated, thanksx good luck all.


RACH - July 21



tryin42 - July 23

So I was wondering if I could be pregnant as well it seems we are going through the exact same thing My husband and I are trying for our second child and I just stopped taking the pill on June 26th and I had my period on the 29th. Since I like to be on top of things I used ovulation tests to figure out my cycle and timed intercourse. Now its the 22nd and I have started to bleed is this just implantation bleeding (pregnancy test came out negative though) or has the birth control just whacked out my system a bit. I truly thought I was pregnant same symptoms and everything sore boobs, wet below, bloated etc. I also did a little net research and it seems that even though you may ovulate right after going off the pill one's womb may still be in inhospitable conditions from the pill. Oh and I am trying the Shettles method for a boy...the book How to Choose the sex of your baby is great I am trying for a boy but for a girl you are suppose to have sex 24 hours before your LH surge or 48 hours before ovulation which for the average 28 day cycle is day 11/12 he claims this is over 80% effective but he also wants you to chart basal body temperature, cervial mucus etc.


Kim - August 11

sounds crazy, but the first time i got pregnant, i was bloated, boobs hurt, moody the works, just like i always am a week before i start, week went by, no period, pregnancy test negative, another week went by with same symptoms, another pregnancy test POSITIVE!! So wierd that i felt JUST THE SAME like i was going to start!!!


kerry - September 6

Hey tryin42.......any tips on how to help conceive a boy? What is this Shettles method?



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