Does it matter
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Iwaanababy - April 5

Does being circumcised determines whether a man will be able produce offspring?


Lewis' mummy - April 10

I hope not cause if it does I've got some explaining to do to my dh.[lol]
Baby dust being blown your way.x x


r - April 20

No it does not matter. I know that my brother was circumsized and he has 2 beautiful children, no complications ttc.


TESSIE - June 24

it's just a foreskin. i don't think it has to do with the delivery of semen to the right place. as long as the testicles are working then it doesn't if a man is circumcised or not.


TESSIE - July 6

i don't know if uncircumcised men are less likely to have a child. what do i know is that uncircumcised men are smellier and dirtier. sorry for my words.



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