Does clomid really work
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amandadotson - December 8

Well i am due for af tomorrow but today i think i had implantation bleeding because it was a discharge that had a brownish tint...sorry if tmi. I am hoping that af stays gone...i will update in a couple days. Sorry to hear that your seconrround didn't work...i have a feeling i may just be getting my hopes up too high this time around too...i wish ya the best of luck and hope to hear wonderful news from you soon. :)


Nikki101 - December 8

Goodluck amandadotson, wer gonna keep our fingers crossed.


amandadotson - December 8

Thanks Nikki i am crossing mine too..i am really nauseated today and IM hoping that's a good thing. I go back to the Dr on Monday so i hope i can get good news. I wish you the best of luck also


Nikki101 - December 9

Thanks, keep us posted


wildswan - December 9

how exciting amanda! wishing you a big BFP!! i know the feeling of getting your hopes high. its so stressful thinking and analysing your body in that longgggg 2ww.


Nikki101 - December 10

This 2 wk wait is so hard, so keeping the faith n praying for a BFP


Nikki101 - December 13

Amandadatson how did it go?


wildswan - January 4

hey. i know its been a while...the christmas season was hectic. wishing everyone on the forum big BFPs for the new year!! well af didnt show up, its been exactly five days late. i feel no pregnancy symtoms and test showed a negative, so i am hoping and praying i tested too early!!


Nikki101 - January 6

Wildswan did u do another iui?


wildswan - January 6

i only used clomid. still no af or symptoms. am afraid to test again. i will wait one more week


Nikki101 - January 7

O ok keep us posted, this is just so stressful I wish there was something they can give men's to give them a normal sperm count


wildswan - January 9

I tested yesterday when i was home alone, and got a BFP!!!omg i still cant believe it!! my boobs are a little sore, am getting the heartburn. i have to make an appt with my gyn soon. Please girls dont give up, if it can happen to me, surely it can happen to you. Nikki is your husband willing to try to improve his sperm count? i know some men refuse to deal with it.


believetoday160 - January 11

good news wildswan, congrats! good luck.


Nikki101 - January 11

Yes he's willing 2 improve it but there is no meds that improve the count. How long have u been trying 2 get pregnant?


Nikki101 - January 11

By the way congrat


wildswan - January 11

thanks nikki and believe. i have an appt wit my doc nex week. i have been reading on certain topics. take a read:

The journey of a sperm is a long one, so having many strong, fast sperm greatly increases your chances of pregnancy. On average, each ejaculation contains 200-300 million sperm. However, many sperm die or get lost as they battle their way through the cervix, into the uterus, up into the fallopian tubes. As a result, only 500 sperm actually make it to the egg to penetrate it. That is a .00166% chance of sperm survival! Given those statistics, you can see how having as many viable sperm as possible is very important.

Healthy diet and nutrients
As with nearly all forms of maintaining optimal health, eating well is important. Here are some basic guidelines through maximizing your health through supplements and various foods.
• Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
o Eat as many whole grains as possible. Avoid saturated and transfats. Try eliminating super fatty animal products.
o Eat lots of healthful fruits and vegetables.
o Eat lots of nuts, seeds and legumes. Raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds are correlated with higher sperm count rates.
o Eat organic when possible. It is likely that fertilizers and pesticides have a negative impact on sperm counts.
o Avoid too much caffeine.
• Drink lots of water, up to 50-64 ounces a day.
• Take a Men's Multivitamin. Zinc, selenium and vitamins C and E are associcated with healthy sperm levels. Taking a multi-vitamin or specific supplement with these in it, can make a difference.
Save your ejaculations
• Ejaculate less often. As suspected, the less a male ejaculates, the higher the density of sperm. While sperm count tends to regenerate every day to few days, if you are having trouble with fertility, try holding off on ejaculating until you are having sex at the peak times of the month. This can have its payoffs as it is likely to make conception sex that much more exciting and memorable. And when you are actively trying, try to have sex every other day rather than every day (even around the time of ovulation.)
• Have sex in the morning. Studies suggest that sperm count is the highest in the afternoon and morning hours. If possible, save your peak sex attempts for the morning.



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