Distance & time for swimmers?
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CJ - September 3

Typically, from time of ej, how long does it take for sperm to reach an egg (provided the egg is already waiting)? Also, on average what is the distance they need to travel (based on being an "average" size? Thanx.


Toni - September 5

Not sure about the distance but I think it takes 2-3 hours at least for the sprerm to get up there. There is a great book to read that has all the answers. It's called Taking Charge of your Fertiltiy. Great resource.


jgraves86 - September 6

It can take, like, 12 hrs for the spermies to reach the egg, that's why you should have sex a few days before O so they have time to get there. Also, by the time you O, the egg is only fertile for about 24 hrs, but it varies with each woman so it could be more or less. Also, if your CM is hostlie they aren't going anwhere anyt ime fast. I took Robitussin for mine and it cleared it up and made it more sperm friendly. I'm not sure of the distance but you should be able to find out in any one of these websites so take a gander. Good Luck


kristin - September 6

i read that after intercourse, you could have a fertilized egg in 45 min. that's how long it takes for the sperm to swim to the fallopian tubes, if the eggs not there the sperm can wait 2-3 days


cc - October 11

book A Child is Born said journey of 15-18cm from vagina to fallopian tube general takes several hours..Some sperm are high speed swimmer and in favorable condition, can reach fallopian tube in 1/2 hr. Other may take many hours, even days..



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