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Confused and Scared - October 25

Can you get pregnant on the Depo? I feel like I am pregnant. I don't know I am so confused. I had my son in Dec of '02 an have been on Depo for almost 3 yrs. Ok an if you can Can the Depo hurt the unborn child? Please list a couple syptoms of preg.. Please Help.


miss ledger - October 25

i need ur help me n my bf have been together a yr n 2 month not used contrecption and wi both now the outcome but i havent bcome pregnant once can u help me on findin out y wen he ejaculates in me it always cums out within 2 seconds of movin is tht a reason


Confused and Scared - October 27

Miss L. Ok 1yr an 2 months is kinda early to be trying. You should discuse marriage first. But your deal not mine. Sometimes it just takes time if you both are serious try the ovaltion kit. Never hurts if your serious. See I don't want to get pregnant right now I have a 3 yr old an on the Depo for 3 yrs, but I think I am. Hell start taking the pill an skip a couple of days that might work too.. You just never now a Good luck trying!!



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