Cough medicine helps you get PG?
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Birdyy - September 7

I heard that taking cough medicine can help you get PG - is one kind better than another?


KellyN - September 7

I've never done this, but likely will do it on my next cycle. I heard to use just plain Cough syrup for decongestion. Don't use the cough suppressant kind, or any kinds with fancy medicine. The idea is to loosen up your cm the way cough syrup loosens up the mucus in your nose when you have a cold.


TC - September 11

The dose I read is 2 tsp. 3 times a day, 5 days before ovulation and through ovulation. Plain Robitussein.


mama-bean - September 12

Robatussin, an expectorant, is what is used. It thins and increases your cervical mucus. It is usually advised if you are on Clomid or another med that dries out cervical mucus. If, however, your cervical mucus is already as it should be, you could be thinning it out too much, so you'd be doing the oppoiste of what you are aiming for..



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