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justhinking - May 1

if i had my baby on dec 29 when did i conceive


am - May 14

I think you conceived somewhere around March 22. You take the first day of your cycle and subtract 3 months and add 7 days and that should give your due date


DAS - May 17

It's hard to say. When my last was born, they thought he was a full term baby, so after some bleeding and my cerclage ripping out, they let me deliver. It turned out he was 6 weeks early.

There is a two week window. The doc said when your 36 wks gestation, you may only be 34 or you could be 38. Weight of the baby doesn't tell you everything. For instance, My first was 10 lbs, my son was 8 lbs and the one 6 weeks early, was 5 lbs.

It's hard to calculate because few women actaully deliver on their 'due date'. Some are a couple days before or after.

You can however calculate the month. Unless you had a very early u/s. Those can tell you how long you've been pg due to egg sack developement and when the heart starts beating.



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