Coming off the patch?
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Janine - April 30

I have two questions. My husband and I are trying to conceive again and have been having unprotected sex. I just took my patch off on 04/20/05 and I got my period on 04/24/05 which lasted until 04/27/05. Than on the 04/29/05 I saw blood again.Anyhow I know I should wait till my cycle is normal. However is it possible to get pregnant right away after the patch. I've been learning about signs of ovulation, and wasnt sure how off my body is going to be from coming off patch.
Second question. I got pregnant with my first child on the pill I missed two days. Is it random or is that a good sign that I may be fertal and lucky twice? Thanks Janine


Eugena - May 18

I came off the patch, now i think i should get back on, because i haven't came on my period and i think i need my period to ovulate and i think i need to ovulate to get pregnant. Dosn't that sound backwards getting on birth control to conceive? i don't want to get on any forms of birth control, but how else will i get on my period to have a baby. Can anyone help?


janine - May 19

Eugena. I'm not sure how long its been for you to not ovulate? However you can see your obgyn and get a prescription called Clomid. It helps you ovulate.


sheila - July 24

maybe you should give a little time for your period to get back on track. that way, you are able to conceive fast. good luck!



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