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lilly001 - June 2

Hi, iv been trying to concieve for 2 and half years. The problem is i go months somtimes a year without a period. my last period i had a blood test done on the 21 day from the start of it. my doctor said i was not obvulating and that i was a 8 out of 30 (30 is a healthy obvulation). now the problem, my doctor wants to refer me so i can start a form of treatment to help concieve but cannot do so until my partner does a sperm test to rule him out. My partner refuses. so i cant take the next step forward for help. i have found clomid to buy without perscription. i am willing to do anything to get pregnant but as im not getting any periods at the moment how and when do i take the clomid? any advice would be great please.x


miss a - June 2

hi iv been on clomid for 8 months now, 50g and was told that it was makeing me ovulate but still having trouble getting pregnant, i have to take mine on the second day of my period ,but i dont no when i ovulate as my period are so messed up, is there a way u no ur ovulate if so can u help me please x x


miss a - June 2

to lilly001
your best bet is for your partner to do a sperm test as if it is him then you would be wasting you time on clomid, clomid can be hard to handle some months as it makes your hormoans all over the place, but with clomid i think you need to have periods cos u have to take them why you are on your period.. look up theres somethink u can take to make your period start but i dont no what there called x


Ojuloge26 - June 3

I've had irregular menses since i started my menses and i have not considered it a problem.
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 25.
During the series of tests at the hospital, the doctor said i had Anovulation and will not place me on any contraceptives.
I met with another gynaecologist who advised i take Parlodel 2.5mg to reduce my prolactin level when i complained of milkish liquid coming out of my breasts. I was also placed on Primolut 10mg daily for 10days when i complained of not seeing my period for over 6months. The period came after the 2nd day of stopping the Primolut and it lasted for 5days. She also told me to take Lofemenol daily to regulate my perod but i did not take that as i learnt taking contraceptives might delay my chances of getting pregnant.
The first gynaecologist i saw informed me i should come and see him after marriage so i can be injected with a particular kind of drug to induce ovulation as he says having my period does not mean i am ovulating.
Now i am very worried as i feel my chances of getting pregnant is so slim. I am 27yrs old and looking to get married by the tail of this year ending.
What would you advise i do? And can this Primolut induced menses aid my chances of pregnancy or will the Parlodel drug help in stabilizing my menses after reducing my prolactin level and how will i know if i am ovulating? I really want to get pregnant soon. Pls advice. Thank you

NB: Also, i am on meds for the High blood pressure for the past 2 yrs. I am taking Zestoretic, Atenolol, Aldomet, Prazosin to control the BP. I am 27yrs old.

I'd appreciate your quick response.


Want2bamommy86 - June 7

Hello how are you im new to the blog a lil about me im 24 me and my husband been teying for over 6 years we had 3 m/c and I lost my son when I was 23 weeks two years ago so im trying to see whats going on so my dr decided to put me on clomid 50 mg 3-7 so today I took my first pill im so happy I hope it works out anyone else start today


wbloom - November 23

HI, I'm new to this forum, so that's the reason for the late post. Just wanted to let you know that I have PCOS. You may have this condition if you are not having periods. I would suggest you ask your doctor about that possiblity and do some research on PCOS. Good luck!


Nikki101 - November 24

Want2bamommy86 sorry for ur lost but hang n der as people tell me as u can c you are not alone, hubby n I have been trying for over a year now sumtimes I just wanta give up but I want a child so bad dat I gotta keep going recently I gotten so depressed after c n my unwanted visitor dat I dnt eat for 2days. We thought for sure I was pregnant cuz my cycle was a wk late and it never been late, so now i will start my 1st cycle of clomid saturday. So we all just Gota keep our heads up andkeep d faith. Baby dust 2 all.


jonesfam - November 30

Let me tell you my experience with clomid...

We were desparate to have another baby after our first baby was born. We tried for about 6 months on our own with no luck. Finally our dr put us on clomid...I ovulated, twice, during the 7 months I was on clomid. I ended up having my appendix out about 4 months after starting clomid, I know they say there is no relation but I think it was all clomid because 2 months later I ended up with endometriosis and needed laprascopy surgery. I don't care what anyone says clomid is evil and it doesn't work. It will cause you more problems than it will help.

We finally went and got on femara and it didn't really work either, only because the endo had taken over and now I'm so lucky to have even more problems getting pregnant. Now we are seeing a fertility specialist and he has me on femara, bravelle, and a few other things so he can do an IUI. If you are going to try clomid give it 3 months, if it doesn't work in 3 months make the dr switch you to femara, if it doesn't work in 3 months find your closest and most reputable fertility specialist and see what he suggests. Do not waste your health, and money on clomid or other crap that isn't working. My fertility specialist is fantastic, he got me ovulating and got things rolling and he has been so involved the whole time. It is nice to finally find someone who cares and doesn't just want to pump me full of crappy drugs.

Try to remember just because you want to have a baby doesn't mean you want to put your body through total don't want to make things worse!!! I have no family health history of clomid or appendicitis, so the doctor's can tell me whatever they want I know the clomid caused me more problems than it was worth. I will never go to that doctor again.


jonesfam - November 30

I meant no family history of endometriosis not clomid, sorry!


Nikki101 - December 6

Hey ladies, I tested positive dis morning so I go 4 my 1st iui n d morning. I have confident and faith n God dat this is going 2 b a success. Fingers crossed with lots of praying and baby dust to all.


wildswan - January 18

i never had any bad experience with clomid. sorry to hear bout your experience jonesfam. i got preggers with my first and now my second. clomid is my miracle pill!!


joelbr - July 31

Hi all!


Soledad1216 - August 9

Hello Folks. I have been ttc for 6 months and decided I would see my doctor. I have endmetriosis and do not ovulate, so she started me on Clomid. I take it days 3-7 of my cycle. I went for follicular testing and I have 2 good size follies. I had to take an hcg trigger shot to release the eggs. I did not get pregnant :( My husband is 38 and I am 30, so i thought maybe he needed a sperm count done. This month I am starting Clomid 100mg. Does anyone know why I didnt get pregnant if I was ovulating? How many rounds of Clomid does it usually take?? Please share your story.


shazza - October 8

Hi im 42 lost triples 4yrs ago I had a scar miscarriage my 1st was natural the 2nd Bub heartbeat stopped an Bub was disengrated an they found the last 1growin in my caesarian scar alive id had my last baby 1998 an iv had 3 caesarians doc has put me on clomid but my period l8 by a week took Pg test negative Wat shall i do is this normal


Winniegurl88 - October 20

Hello so Unfortunetly you don't see many women posting success stories with their experience with clomid but here's one for you women. I found out I had endometriosis at 18 now 24. I also have a dilephic uterus( 2 uterus connected with a wall of tissue) and 2 cervix. When my husband and I started trying to concieve we had gotten nowhere after 6 months. I've always had irregular periods and very heavy painful ones due to endo. The doctor ran tests to see if I was ovulating and I wasn't. We started clomid with 50mg and I did not ovulate. 2nd month upped it to 100mg and I did ovulate. It took till month 4 on clomid to concieve with my now 15 month old daughter. I had an amazing doctor which I now know are hard to fine as I have been trying for another but since I'm not having periods I can't take the clomid. We are military so I've moved since she was born and now have been shufed around to different doctors. Having to us assistance in getting pregnant is usually a long process and can be disappointing as the months to by without success but I had a great pregnancy with her delivered at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia. She was 5.2 lbs when we left the hospital but healthy and didn spend one day in NICU. I believe there is one AMAZING God and I did A LOT of praying. Clomid won't work for everyone but I wouldn't scratch it off your list because some women didn't like it. I didn't have any side effects besides hot flashes. My husband and I like I said are trying for another and have been for 6 months but it's always a waiting game when you want one really bad. Stay strong and try not to be to anxious and think to much on it because stress can affect you ovulating. I hope this answered some questions yall have had.


MsMacon - October 20

Hello everyone. Well Ive been so down lately. I am 31yrs old & have had 2 miscarriages and 2 successful pregnancies (2 daughters ages 8 & 7). i was married to my high school sweetheart and ttc for 1yr &1/2 before I got pregnant. I lost the 1st child 6wks into pregnancy. 2yrs later was pregnant again and blessed with my 1st girl after 34wks. She was 6.4lbs. I found out i was pregnant with my 2nd child on my 1st daughter's birthday. I was so happy until month 4 I found out my DH had someone else pregnant as well. We were divorced before I gave birth to our 2nd child. I immediately got on the depo and sometimes would alternate with the pill. 2yrs later I started dating my new DH. we were married within the year. He has no children and is 37yrs old. I got off the BC pills as soon as we were married. After 2years of TTC I had another miscarriage. My new DH has been so depressed. He loves my daughters but years to have a child of his own. MY OB says my ovulation is irregular and my AF only comes 3-4x a year. I was put on provera and clomid. my AF started 10/01/2012 & I started 1st cycle of clomid day 5. i BD every other day from day 10-16. Only side effects are hot flashes. I really want a baby so bad. I am thankful for the 2 that I have but I feel there is a void. I feel this potential baby will bring joy to me and my new DH also bring my family even closer together. Im praying for a BFP. I see my doctor on 10/22/2012 to see if I ovulated


MsMacon - October 20

im sorry correction I started 1st cycle of clomid day 10/03/2012. I had minor cramps but nothing really feels different.Oh and i have been experiencing constipation but I think its only because of the prenatal vitamins. Any suggestions?



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