Clomid Dosage
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kg77 - December 15

I'm beginning my second month of clomid. Does anyone know if it is better to take both pills at the same time, or should I take them at different times of the day?


KellyN - December 16

I always spread mine throughout the day, but most women I think take it all at once.


cspears99 - July 4

Hi I just tripled my medication this cycle and I took all three at once?? how were your follicles the first ultrasound?


Sann - July 6

Hi there : ) I'm new to this board. I'm hoping annyone of you ladies could give me some insights on your experience with cloimd. My ob/gynae has been wanting to put me on clomid for a while however we are undecided. I have read about clomid causing many side effects and thining the uterus lining. Has anyone been successful in getting pregnant on clomid with or without side effects? Appreciate some inputs from all of you that might help me decide. Thanks to all in advance.



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