Clearblue Fertility monitor
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Gemmy12 - February 25

Hi, this will be my first month using the clearblue monitor when I come on, I'm just waiting for my period now, I was wondering people have menitoned an egg, when that egg shows does it mean im at high fertitly?? and does anyone have any tips they could give me for when I start using it?? The instruction booklet didnt help me much, when do I press the m???


Ryan - June 6

I didn't use the monitor, I used the clearblue digital sticks. It was easy and it showed a smiley face when I ovulated. First time using last month.


nursebaby26 - July 3

The clearblue Digital sticks are cheaper than the monitor and it works wonderful. My cycles are usualy 28-30 days, so I start using the sticks on day 15 each month. The "Smiley Face" shows up normally 2 days in a row on day 17 and 18. Everything that I have read says that for your optimal chance of getting pregnant you should BD 2 days before ovulation, on ovulation day and 2 days after. hope this helps.


Manda713 - July 7

If you look under the "Problems getting pregnant" section, there is a board all about the CBEFM. I use it, too... The short answer is that you press the m button when you start your period. Make sure you set it in the morning when you get up, it'll give you 3 hours on either side of that time to test from then forward. For example, if you set it at 9 am, you'll be able to test from 6am til noon for the rest of that cycle. You can't change this after you set it, so make sure you pick a good time for you. You have to hold the m button down for about 5 seconds. After that, you'll start testing on CD 6 and test at least 10 days in a row. You MAY test 20 days if you have long cycles. The monitor will go to "High" first (this is the estrogen surge prior to ovulation). High is indicated by 2 bars on the left side of the window. Then, the day BEFORE you ovulate, the monitor will go to "Peak" (this is the LH surge during ovulation). Peak is indicated by three bars on the left side and the top bar will have a picture of an egg on it. So, when you get your high, start BDing every other day or so (if your partner is young and has a good sperm count, every other day should be perfect). Make SURE you do the deed on your Peak days.
Sorry I rambled so long. I hope this has helped.



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