can you get pregnant while you're on your period?
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Elena - January 18

many people are telling me when the man cums in you while your on your period, you can get pregnant. is that true?


MARIE - January 21

There is always a chance that you can get pregnant no matter where you are in you cycle...And you need not use the word "cum" that is the only obvious way to get p !!


slowpoke01 - July 22

no because you ovulate 2 weeks after you period and the sperm doesnt live that long. sperm can only live 2 tto 3 days at the m ost


tynadu - July 31

YES! I know a woman who did get prego during her period. There is no one way for everyone, it happened to her it could happen to you or me.


Sann - August 1

Hi Tynadu ... I've heard of the possibility too. Does this woman (who got pg while having her period) have irregular cycles or otherwise?


angelblue - August 2

Yeah, it depends on your cycles. Some ladies are irregular and sperm live three days inside, so theres a possibility things will line up.



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