can you get pergnant at anytime?
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tonya - September 27

i have 3 kids and i am what they call a "fertile mertle" I was wondering if it was possible to get pregnant on any giving day? I never followed a ovulation calender before. But by the days the calender says i could only get pregnant on or around the 12-15 of the if I had intercourse on the 21,23 than what are my chances of being pregnant?


Mega - September 27


You can only get pregnant around ovulation time. Your fertile window is typically a couple days before ovulation (as sperm can live a few days up inside you) up until the egg is released. The egg lives just 24 hours. Women's fertile period varies, some ovulate on CD14, others O earlier or later. So, if you ovulated on CD 14 lets say, then if you had sex on CD 21 you would not get pregnant. Remember though, your time of ovulation can vary every month.


TC - September 28

That's risky just counting days. Use some other method for bc. If you stay with that, you will have another kids within a year I predict.



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