Can I still get pregnant if,?
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Anna Ortiz - July 19

When me and my husband have sex he pulls out and doesn't unload inside of me! Can I still become pregnant with precum?


D. - July 20



brat - July 20

so i have heard you could, but my partner pulls out and i havent gotten prgnant since he has started pulling out.


Taneka - July 20

YES you can get pregnant from pre-cum because it also has spream in it I know of it least 10 people who were using the pull out method and still got pregnant


e - July 27

I have a friend who just found out she is pregnant and that was her method of bc, so yes it can happen.


Beth - July 28

Oh you guys please don't rely on that method. It is only 54% effective to prevent pregnancy.


rachel - September 12

you can get pregnant even if a small amount come in contact with u.


Bukk (Rogers) - October 27

What do you mean by "unload"? I am not familiar with your lingo, and to me it seems as if you are saying that your husband unloads a few live rounds of ammunition into you, or something like that. Is this a silent plea for help? If you are being abused please let us know. We cannot help you if you are going to be all cryptic and vague.


dm - December 6

if i have only 1 million speram per eju
can i let my brcome pregnet


hara2326 - May 29

yeah you can get pregnant from precum girl!!! it only takes a little


jrcreations - May 30

it only takes ONE little guy to do the deed :o



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