can I be pregnant ?
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Jess - September 27

I haven't missed my period yet but that is because it's not due until 9/28. now I was on the IUD for six years and last month I decided to take it out. My m/c was every 28 days and it last me 8 days. When I took my IUD out my period came 4 days late. When I had my cycle it last me 5 day as a normal period. Now based on my ovulation day it should of been 14th, I had sex 4 days before and 2 days after. Now lately I been really gassy and my boobs are sore. Can I be pregnant? or is it just my period that is coming? I decided to take an early hpt after work and it came back negative. Should I had taken it in the morning instead?


shannon - September 27

i think you defiantly have a big chance of being pregnant..most hpt do not show up until the first day of your missed period, however taking the hpt first thing in the morning is said to be best


Jess - September 28

thanks, I took a test again this morning and it came negative, but I am going to wait until next week and see what happens.



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