can a thin uterus lining cause miscarriage?
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Frankie - March 30

hi! hope somebody can help!

i recently had a mmc at 12 weeks on 25.12.05 and then I had a d&c on December 30th 2005. Since my first period came on the 29th January I have been trying to conceive. I was unsuccessful on the February cycle. I was expecting my period last friday, but i felt different and thought i could be pregnant. My period never arrived and so i excitedly bought a preg test the next day which was bfn and then faintly positive the next day, then mon and slightly darker tues.

Yesterday though i cramped really badly all day and have since started bleeding heavily and yesterday the preg tests got fainter and fainter and are now bfn. so i have miscarried again at five weeks.

my question is: when a person has a d&c the doctor informed me that the uterus lining is scraped really thin (evidenced by the fact my period now only last 3 days instead of 7 before d&c). so i am wondering if i miscarried because my uterus lining was too thin for the baby to implant itself on (and i should have given my uterus more time to build back up before ttc)? anyone had similar thoughts or experiences of miscarrying after conceiving so quickly after d&c?


isa - July 27

I have no knowledge of the relationship between a d& c and thin lining but i do know that with a thin lining you cannot hold a pregnancy. Lining has to be a minimum of 6.5 mm and preferably at least 7.2mm to hold a pregnancy. When it is too thin (often happens when on clomid) they must often times give you estrace or estradiol estrogen supplemenets to help boost the lining. I had to have that done 2x's when i was on clomid because my lining was too thin and it wouldnt hold a pg. Hope this helps.


angelblue - August 2

Yeah, it can. Doc can priscribe projesterone to help, when you are ttc. they can do ultrasound to see if it is needed day 12-14



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