birth control and pregnancy
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hara2326 - May 15

ok, now i've been off the patch for almost 2 months i was on it for 2yrs. my fiance and i are trying to have a baby and i use mymonthlycycles ovulation calender to predict when i am ovulating, ive been testing negative on hpt's but i feel bloated, i have to urinate alot ,get frequent headaches, my breasts are sometimes sore and tender, i be having cramps in my lower abdomen sometimes and i really feel like i am gaining weight. i want to know if anyone can help me, how long does it take to get pregnant after getting off the patch?


suzyq - May 16

I have heard from other women that it could take up to a year. Have you asked your doctor? maybe it's not you, have your husband get a sperm count done, it only cost around a hundred dollars and maybe covered by his insurance.
I would have him checked out especially if he has no children.
Hope this helps you, good luck to you and your husband.



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